• Thank you letter from WI EMSC
  • Thank you letter from Dickeyville Rescue
  • Letter of support for Pediatric Bag project from the Wisconsin Children's Hospital


In 2011, the Pediatric Ambulance Bag project reached the goal of having 99.5% of Wisconsin's ambulance departments carrying Ped Bags on their ambulances! Our new goal is to fund each First Responder (FR) department with a FR Ped Bag. FRs are often first on the scene, especially in the rural parts of the state, and it can be five to fifty minutes before an ambulance arrives - an excruciating wait in an emergency. To date, 29% of Wisconsin's FR departments have received funds for Ped Bags.
Pediatric FR Bag
Pediatric FR Bag

"The great strides we have made in Wisconsin for children in need of emergency medical service have only been possible with the effort and support of the Wisconsin Wireless Association and others with a similar mission. We are so grateful to partner with your membership! With our efforts, thousands of children each year will have an improved chance at a positive outcome in their emergency and the EMS who serve them will have the tools they need - for all sizes of children. We make a difference!" - Elizabeth Davy, GFWC-WI Ped Bag Coordinator

Pediatric Ambulance Bag
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